In the wake of a motor vehicle accident, most people are concerned about treating their injuries as quickly as possible to return to a normal way of life. In cases where the injured party sustains a brain injury, though, a new study suggests the consequences from concussions or other traumatic brain injuries may continue for some time after all the scrapes and bruises have healed.

Concussions and brain injuries can occur under many circumstances. Recently, much focus has been placed on the frequency of concussions in high school sports. It is important to note that brain injuries are also common following motor vehicle accidents.

The study, recently released by the University of Michigan, tested a sample of college students, including people who had sustained concussions when they were younger and those who had not. By asking the students to complete assignments on a computer, the researchers were able to identify the amount of brain activity for each participant.

The researchers found that the students who had a history of concussions had reduced brain activity while performing the tasks when compared to those who had not sustained any brain injuries. Most surprisingly, the researchers concluded that the injured students’ brain activity continued to decrease for six years following the injury.

Consequently, the study found that concussions and brain injuries caused the brain to age at a faster rate than those that had not sustained injuries. In addition, the study revealed that those participants who had suffered brain injuries experienced alterations in other areas, including walking and balancing.

Source: WXYZ, “University of Michigan Study says brain injuries can cause brain to age more quickly,” Tyler Clifford, July 31, 2012.

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