Maybe it’s time for all celebrities’ driver’s licenses to be revoked in Los Angeles. It seems like just about every week there is word of a car accident caused by a celeb. Apparently money and fame can’t buy a person solid driving skills.

Money would, however, help a Los Angeles pedestrian accident victim pay for injuries he sustained in a January crash. The person allegedly responsible for the accident is English funnyman Russell Brand.

Brand is a notorious celebrity, known for his somewhat immature antics, dirty sense of humor and split-second marriage to Katy Perry. Now, a personal injury lawsuit could add to his notoriety the classification of negligent driver.

A man who claims that he was hit by a car driven by Brand has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the star. The lawsuit doesn’t yet disclose the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries, but it does state that he seeks at least $25,000 in damages, likely to cover the treatment he’s gone through as well as any amount of income that the victim has lost as a result of the crash.

Some suggest that the plaintiff is taking advantage of the fact that Brand is a wealthy celebrity with this lawsuit. Brand is more likely than the average defendant to be able to pay up, right? Whether that is true or not, what’s important, no matter who the driver, is for victims of negligence to make their arguments in court and let the system determine what is fair.

Source: TMZ, “Russell Brand SUED Allegedly Hit a Pedestrian,” Oct. 29, 2012