Los Angeles teens are getting a new kind of driver’s training than older drivers might be used to. Driving schools now must focus on cell phones and driving. Many of them also approach the teaching of safe driving with more interactive strategies in order to prevent car accidents involving teens.

Preventing such motor vehicle accidents is of high priority because history shows that teen drivers are at great risk of being injured in crashes. This week is national Teen Driver Safety Week, and at least one L.A. school is devoting attention to creating safer teen drivers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic accidents is the number one cause of death among those ages 15-20. And a teen driver is about four times more likely to be in a serious car accident during his first year behind the wheel than other drivers.

The most obvious reason why teenagers are in danger on the roads is because of inexperience. There are complexities to effective driving that mere classes and hours of driving practice can’t fully teach youth. Before teens gain some solid driving experience, it is best for them to start slowly and safely. They and their parents should agree to rules regarding where, when and with whom they can drive.

A relatively recent risk that creates further danger among teen drivers is the cell phone. Distracted driving has taken over the roads in Los Angeles and throughout the country. With experience already lacking among teen drivers, adding the distraction of texting or talking on the phone is reckless.

During this Teen Driver Safety Week, a Los Angeles high school and likely more schools throughout California and the U.S. have held conferences, assemblies and demonstrations that revolve around creating safer young drivers. An area of emphasis certainly has been distracted driving.

Many teens seemingly have their hands and eyes glued to their phones. Teaching them the danger of that habit and how it can cause fatal crashes is a difficult but crucial task.

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