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Police challenge shooting victim’s personal injury settlement

Life in Los Angeles can be tough, and unfortunately many young people will get into trouble and have run-ins with the police. It is understandable for police to want to do whatever they can to keep the community safe, but regardless of their motives there are limits to what is acceptable when it comes to their daily duties.

In one case several years ago courts ruled that Los Angeles police had gone too far, when a 19-year-old suspect was shot by police and left paralyzed from the chest down. The young man was involved in a crime, for which he was convicted and served his time in jail. However his disability is not something he will ever be released from. At the time, he was awarded $5.7 million to cover the physical ordeal he went through, and now police are attempting to appeal the case and take back the money.

While this young man was an admitted criminal that does not mean police can use excessive means in his pursuit. Police claimed the young man had a gun; however, no gun was ever found. Therefore, the civil court ruled in favor of the shooting victim that police negligence caused his catastrophic injuries.

When it comes to the law, things aren’t always clear cut. The “good guys” are not above wrongdoing, and they certainly aren’t above taking responsibility for their actions. Even people who aren’t perfect don’t deserve to be injured or killed as they are pursued by police. Punishment is to be decided in the courts, not in the streets.

If you or a family member have been injured or killed by negligence, you have every right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to help compensate your loss. Our law firm handles cases involving catastrophic injuries and helps victims fight for the much needed monetary damages that they need following a severe accident.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “LA, Police Officials Vow To Fight Nearly $6M Award To Convicted Felon,” Sept. 25, 2012