Pop Star Avoid Serious Injuries In LA Motorcycle Crash

Logan Henderson of music group Big Time Rush is singing a grateful tune these days after he survived what could have been a serious traffic accident. Earlier this month, he was riding his motorcycle in Los Angeles when a driver got reckless.

It isn’t a rare story at all, even though the motorcycle accident victim is a star. A driver failed to yield to the motorcycle and made an illegal, dangerous turn in front of it. In this case, the rider was lucky to get out of the situation without any serious injuries.

Accidents like this one are too common. Illegal turns in front of motorcyclists commonly lead to injury and death for the victims. So even if a motorcyclist is following traffic laws, it tends to be him who sustains the most injury.

Henderson reportedly sustained bumps and scrapes from the accident. He was quick enough to veer out of the way of the car, though that maneuver threw him off of his bike. This accident makes him one of the estimated 50,000 victims who are injured in motorcycle accidents every year.

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Source: ABC Action News, “Logan Henderson thanks fans for well wishes after motorcycle crash,” Dec. 28, 2012