Are you reading this blog post on your cell phone right now? If so, you are hopefully not behind the wheel since such behavior is not only reckless but proven to be deadly. Distracted driving isn’t only a California problem; it is a national problem.

In an out-of-state incident, a 15-year-old lost his life to a driver who prioritized his text messages over safety. Parents of the fatal accident victim are suing the distracted driver for the wrongful death of their son who was walking on the side of the road when the driver veered right into him. This case is the first of its kind in their state.

Distracted driving laws are relatively new to the scene in this country. They are being enacted and modified all of the time. The wrongful death case is taking place in Utah, which recently put its own stricter anti-texting law in place.

Last May, it became illegal for Utah drivers to use a handheld device for text messaging or internet searching. The ban is stricter than it was previously because authorities don’t have to prove that a driver was texting right at the moment of a crash. Using a handheld device for anything other than dialing, answering or GPS navigation while driving is banned entirely.

States create their own distracted driving laws, including California. We work with victims of California car accidents caused by texting or otherwise distracted drivers. Our personal injury firm understands the state’s traffic laws and how to use them in favor of a crash victim.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Lawsuit filed against driver who allegedly killed 15-year-old Vernal boy,” Stephen Hunt, Jan. 16, 2013