Cycling is a popular mode of getting around in Los Angeles. One would think that California drivers would know that bicyclists are sharing the roads with them and that they would improve their driving. But bike accident after bike accident proves that logic wrong.

Last week, a Los Angeles man got into a bike accident that has drastically changed his life. He was hit by a driver who never stopped to help or report the accident. While the crash victim is in the midst of what may be a long recovery, authorities are still looking for the driver responsible for the biker’s severe injury.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the bicyclist was hurt when a car made a sharp, unexpected turn and hit him. Not only did the collision take place, but the biker got stuck under the vehicle and was then dragged when the driver didn’t stop. He suffers from broken bones and road rash, but without a doubt the most significant physical damage is the loss of part of his leg.

The bicycle accident victim won’t ever get back the body that he once had, all because of the reckless driving of one careless driver who is yet to be identified. Amputation is an example of how serious a crash can be for bicyclists. They are not as protected as those inside the steel of a vehicle.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “Cyclist’s leg amputated after crash with minivan near Griffith Park,” Feb. 24, 2013