Reality TV is what brings in audiences these days. What some critics believed would be a fleeting trend of watching so-called “real life” unfold has proven to be here to stay. Unfortunately for three reality TV star hopefuls, their shot at fame through a reality show ended with a fatal accident.

A fatal helicopter accident occurred in Los Angeles last Sunday, taking the lives of three of its passengers. The LA Times reports that the copter went down during the making of a military-related reality program that was to air on The Discovery Channel.

Details regarding what happened are still limited, though sources report that the production crew did have proper permissions to fly a helicopter in the area. There is no doubt that there will be a thorough investigation into the deadly crash, since scrutiny has been growing about the safety of reality TV production.

The Los Angeles Times doesn’t identify the victims of the California crash. If those who died leave behind family, it is possible that wrongful death lawsuits could result from what reports refer to as “the worst film set accident in California since 1982.”

Authorities will want to make sure that reasonable precautions were taken to protect the lives of the victims of the Los Angeles crash. Many reality TV participants know that they are getting into something possibly dangerous, but a production company still has its responsibilities.

We will post an update after an investigation reveals more about whether any of those responsibilities were neglected or if any wrongful death or other personal injury lawsuits stem from the accident.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Helicopter crash puts spotlight on safety of reality TV shows,” Richard Verrier, Feb. 10, 2013