On Super Bowl Sunday there’s a lot of people having a party. Even those who are not normally football fans gather around the television in order to watch the big game, as well as the famous commercials that air between the plays.

But what’s on TV is only part of the celebration. Whether people are out at a bar, or going to or hosting a party at their home, there’s also a good chance that there will be people drinking more than they usually do, and many of those people will still get in their cars and drive home after the final play.

According to studies conducted by the Automobile Club of Southern California, the statistics support that DUIs are a heavier problem on Super Bowl Sunday. Drivers and the hosts of Super Bowl parties need to be aware and take the proper precautions to keep as many people off the road after drinking as possible.

In California, car crashes that involve alcohol happen 75% more often on Super Bowl Sunday than during any other Sunday in January or February. AAA reports that there were well over 600 alcohol-related fatalities between 2003 and 2011, and it is estimated if it were a “normal” Sunday, that number would drop by more than a third.

But Super Bowl Sunday is anything but normal for many people who are involved in a car accident, especially if they are injured. No matter what warnings are given, there will still be people injured in crashes on the day of the game.

Our California personal injury lawyers can help those victims whose days of fun are brought to a halt by those whose days of fun turn reckless.

Source: Los Angeles Times “Auto Club says Sunday is the Super Bowl of drunk-driving crashes,” Jerry Hirsch, Jan. 30, 2013