Though it is crucial that medical professionals and the professional sports world focus on the dangers of concussions, the rate at which the matter is discussed these days can make concussions seem like everyday, nothing injuries, injuries that only happen to NFL players.

Most men and women aren’t professional athletes, so how do they fit into this public health matter?

Research regarding concussions applies to lives beyond the sports field. People sustain head injuries in various sorts of incidents, not necessarily in sports. A person can slip and fall, hitting his head and suffering from a concussion. Also, motor vehicle accidents commonly lead to minor or severe head injuries. But, based on the findings of new medical study, a so-called “minor” head injury might not be so minor.

Radiology, an online medical journal, published a study indicating that even a single concussion can lead to long-lasting, significant health effects. Researchers followed a group of subjects who had sustained first-time concussions. They found that the damage caused by the concussions led to damage in the brain that’s connected to life-altering health conditions such as depression, memory problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

This particular study stands out compared to others because its findings are based on MRI tests rather than the more common CT scans. Medical professionals believe that MRIs provide more accurate and telling information about brain damage. It also stands out for its clear warning: one concussion is a serious health issue.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “Concussions: Even one can change the brain, study finds,” Melissa Healey, March 12, 2013