It would be nice to believe that when using a sidewalk pedestrians are protected from the dangers of the road. But countless California accidents prove that’s not always the case, just as a fatal Los Angeles accident did on Sunday afternoon.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a truck slowly veered through the lanes of Broadway and then ran over the curb of sidewalk and into a local restaurant. Though the out-of-control vehicle was reportedly moving slowly, it still left significant damage, injury and even death in its trail.

A 52-year-old woman died in the motor vehicle accident, and several other pedestrians who were in the reckless path of the Chevrolet Avalanche sustained serious injuries. The driver and his passenger are reportedly included on the list of the injured.

Early reports of the traffic accident suggest that the driver might have lost control of his vehicle as the result of a preexisting medical condition. Neither authorities nor medical professionals have confirmed that theory. Even if a medical issue contributes to an accident, a driver isn’t necessarily free of liability. Officials will want to determine whether the driver was in any shape to drive.

The recent incident left a woman dead, pedestrians in the hospital and a restaurant temporarily destroyed. When there is a development about why the crash happened we will post an update.

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Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Pickup truck hits 5 pedestrians on downtown sidewalk, killing one,” March 11, 2013