Fatigue and driving do not mix. In fact, driver fatigue is a form of negligence that the law recognizes. Those who are injured because of a fatigued driver have legal options that could help them get through the physical and financial stress of their crash injuries.

During the dark hours of the early morning in Pomona, California, on Thursday, one big rig driver’s reported poor decision to drive while sleepy took a toll on not just him but other unsuspecting motorists. The trucker crashed into a second big rig, and then another couple of drivers’ mornings were disturbed by the traffic accident.

Lanes on the 60 Freeway needed to be temporarily closed off during the morning because of what were two crashes, two crashes that were essentially caused by one man’s suspected recklessness. Authorities suggest that a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel of his big rig, lost control of his truck and crashed into the second truck. When another driver drove near the accident scene and slowed down, a different driver crashed into him.

Fortunately, no one involved in the multi-vehicle accident sustained serious injuries. History shows that such wrecks, however, can often lead to extremely grave outcomes such as brain injuries and death. Accidents involving 18-wheelers are especially dangerous for motorists in smaller vehicles. They are dangerous overall.

That is why it is pertinent for commercial drivers to be especially responsible when getting behind the wheel of their trucks. There are strict laws in place that specifically prohibit truck drivers from working too many hours without adequate rest. Ignoring those laws leads to driver fatigue and preventable danger on the roads.

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