Yesterday another fatal bus accident occurred that has the media and country overall wondering why commercial transportation has been so unsafe lately. A group of senior citizens were riding in the bus, on their way to a casino. Something went wrong, however, and the bus crashed into the median of the Texas road.

Two passengers died in the bus accident, and many others were injured. While the loss and the healing of the victims is on people’s minds, so is the question, “Why did this happen?” The bus driver survived and will undoubtedly become the target of a thorough investigation.

Researchers have already dug into the bus driver’s past and uncovered a disturbing finding (if it is true.) The same driver who was behind the wheel of yesterday’s deadly bus accident was the driver behind the wheel of a separate fatal accident in 1998. A wrongful death lawsuit resulted from that crash, ending in favor of the victim’s family.

What are the chances that one driver is involved in two, separate deadly crashes? The driver’s past doesn’t necessarily mean that he did anything wrong in this most recent incident. Authorities still owe the driver and his employer the benefit of the doubt and must let the details of this crash guide any potential legal steps.

Source: The Associated Press, “Driver in bus wreck also drove in ’98 fatal crash,” April 12, 2013

  • In California, bus drivers must transport their passengers using the utmost caution and according to the letter of the law. Visit our Los Angeles Fatal Bus Accident page to learn more about this legal matter and how we help victims of negligent drivers.