A video of an accident involving two bicyclists and a motorcyclist has made its way from YouTube to larger news media throughout the country. The clear footage of a motorcyclist slamming straight into the back of a bicycle and the bicyclist falling over the speeding motorcyclist’s head is shocking enough to have attracted viewers not just from California where the crash took place, but from all over.

Last Saturday, a civilian was set up near a winding turn on Mulholland Drive, with his camera ready. Apparently, photographers have set up posts in the location habitually, trying to catch footage of the traffic accidents that tend to take place at the perilous spot. The possibility of an accident turned into reality, as the motorcycle turned the corner and rear-ended an unsuspecting bicyclist.

The impact caused the cyclist to fall backward off of the bicycle, on top and into the motorcyclist behind him. Another bicyclist was in front of trio and was also struck by the motorcycle. All three people involved (two bike riders and the motorcyclist) were knocked off of their bikes and hit the road. Fortunately, no one sustained any severe injuries in the traffic incident.

Sources have shared no details regarding whether the victims involved plan to take legal action in response to the accident. Authorities are likely still investigating what happened and whether any traffic violations such as speeding contributed to the crash. Another point some might argue is worth contemplating is whether safety improvements to the turn on Mulholland could prevent further accidents like this and much worse from happening.

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