Preliminary reports about a deadly May 9 car accident in Los Angeles suggest that a driver attempting to pull away from the curb may have been responsible. The accident caused the death of one driver and seriously injured another.

The fatal accident occurred in the Northridge neighborhood late at night. Officials believe that one of the cars was idling at the curb when it suddenly pulled out in front of a second vehicle. The second driver swerved to avoid the car but crashed into an SUV that was nearby.

The SUV overturned and the second motorist’s vehicle ricocheted. It collided with the first vehicle. A photograph from the scene shows a car with extensive damage to its left side. It is not clear which person’s vehicle this was.

The driver of the car that was trying to leave the curb died of his injuries. His wife and son were also in the car; they were seriously injured. The second driver suffered broken bones and was listed in serious condition as of later that day. Perhaps surprisingly, the driver of the SUV that overturned sustained only minor injuries.

This accident is a tragic reminder that drivers need to check to make sure the road is clear before entering traffic from the curb. Other drivers may not expect a parked car to suddenly dart in front of them and a serious crash could be the result. For those injured in a car accident, driver inattention could be grounds to seek relief for the medical bills and lost wages their injuries have caused.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Driver killed, 4 others injured in 3-car Northridge crash,” May 9, 2013