A 57-year-old Los Angeles man who was struck and killed by a speeding car not long ago may have been the victim of an illegal street race, police believe. The driver who was involved in the fatal car accident was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide. It is not clear if the other driver involved in the race will also face charges, as police did not have information about who he or she is.

According to KABC-TV, the victim was crossing Compton Avenue near his home when he was struck by a car. It appears that the driver slammed on the brakes but was going too quickly to stop in time.

The stretch of road where the accident occurred is known to be the site of frequent street races. Indeed, investigators say that the driver was racing another vehicle on Compton. The suspect reportedly confessed and was arrested at the scene, but the second driver was not found and police did not know what kind of car he or she was driving.

Clearly, if the driver who hit the victim was in a street race or even if he was simply speeding, he could be held liable for damages caused by the man’s death. If the other driver is found, he or she might also be potentially liable due to his or her contributing to the conditions that led to the victim’s death.

The victim’s niece remembered him as a generous and loving uncle who always had ice cream waiting for her when she came over.

Source: KABC-TV, “Street racing likely behind fatal South Los Angeles crash,” Sid Garcia and Q McCray, April 29, 2013