As readers in Los Angeles no doubt know, thousands of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are living with brain injuries sustained in combat. Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can cause serious symptoms like chronic dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity and confusion. Treatments to try to improve TBI symptoms exist but unfortunately not all veterans are getting the care they need.

That is part of the motivation behind a cross-country road trip to California being planned by three Vietnam War veterans. The trip, which will begin on July 7, is meant partially as a nostalgia trip and partially to raise attention and money for the problem of veterans suffering from TBIs.

The trip is recreation of one made by one of the men in 1963 in an Elva Courier, a rare British sports car his father bought for him as a high school graduation present. Fifty years later, he is making the trip again, this time with two of his friends — and in the same sports car, now fully restored.

He said he had been thinking of doing the trip again for 10 years but decided it should have a “higher meaning” this time. He decided to raise money for a nonprofit that helps veterans with brain injuries and their families. Besides sponsorships from local businesses, the group is raising money by allowing people to sign a spot on the car for a $20 donation.

The trio expects it will take about two months to drive from New Hampshire, their starting point, to California and back.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader, “Vietnam vet’s cross-country ride to benefit brain injury sufferers,” Benajmin C. Klien, June 19, 2013