A longtime driver with the Los Angeles Metro bus system was killed in a collision with a tow truck early on June 12. The tow truck may have been going as fast as 60 miles per hour on downtown streets just before the accident happened. Besides costing the victim her life, the violent accident destroyed a fire hydrant and damaged a nearby convenience store.

The victim was driving an empty bus near the intersection of Fifth Street and Broadway at the start of her route. The tow truck hit the bus as it entered the intersection. The impact caused the bus to leave the road and tear open a fire hydrant, leading to water flooding the street. The bus driver was ejected onto the road, where she was later discovered face-down in the water.

Meanwhile, the tow truck crashed through the front of a convenience store on the corner. Inside was the store owner, who suffered minor injuries. The tow truck driver was listed in serious condition.

First responders were able to revive the bus driver at the scene, but she passed away after being rushed to the hospital.

It appears that extreme speeding caused this tragic collision. Any vehicle travelling 60 mph on city streets puts everyone on the road at risk. As terrible as this accident was, imagine if there had been passengers inside the bus. As it is, the tow truck driver and his employer could be liable for the victim’s funeral costs, lost future earnings and other damages.

Source: KNBC-TV, “Bus Driver Killed in ‘Horrific’ Downtown LA Collision With Tow Truck,” Jonathan Lloyd, Annette Arreola and Patrick Healy, June 12, 2013