A car accident in Los Angeles that struck three pedestrians and caused a total of six people to be injured may have been caused by two vehicles driving close together at a high rate of speed. Police may be investigating the possibility that the drivers of those vehicles were engaged in a drag race or were involved in a road rage incident.

The vehicles involved in this accident were a pickup truck, a car and a van. The car and truck were reportedly travelling up to 90 miles per hour, or twice the speed limit on that street. They reached an intersection where a van was attempting a left turn and slammed into it.

The van flipped over and the pickup truck jumped the curb and onto the sidewalk, where three women were standing. The truck struck the women and injured all of them. One woman was especially harmed. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and required emergency surgery.

KABC-TV reported a total of six people were injured. It appears that the other three were the drivers of the three vehicles. Their conditions were not available.

Needless to say, drag racing on city streets is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Drivers who take part in a street race put not only themselves at risk in a crash but other drivers, passengers, bicycle riders and pedestrians as well. Road rage is also hazardous for similar reasons. In both cases drivers tend to forgo traffic safety laws, either to win a race or “get” somebody for some perceived slight.

Source: KABC-TV, “Northridge multi-vehicle crash injures 6, including 3 pedestrians,” Melissa MacBride, Jule 3, 2013