A bus carrying passengers to a casino somehow overturned on Interstate 210 near Los Angeles on Aug. 22, injuring between 50 and 55 people. Most of the injured passengers were described as being between 60 and 80 years old. Fortunately, most of the reported injuries were fairly minor. Speeding and an unsafe lane change are being reported as possible causes of this bus accident.

The bus was owned by the Da Zhen Travel Agency. It was carrying people to a casino near San Bernardino. It appears that this company provides “gambler’s special” to take people to casinos in California and Las Vegas.

It appears that the bus was travelling about 70 miles per hour on 210 when it attempted to merge into the carpool lane. There was another vehicle in front of the bus and the driver slammed on the brakes. The bus struck either a tractor-trailer or a car, causing it to slide down a nearby embankment where train tracks run. It flipped onto its side as it landed. The impact shattered the front windows and caused numerous injuries.

Most of the injuries were described as cuts and bruises, though some of the passengers may have been more seriously hurt. As most of the passengers were older, they may have been more vulnerable to broken bones and other harm.

People who buy a ticket for a tour bus do so expecting to get to their destination safely. When they don’t, the bus driver or bus company could be responsible, either due to unsafe driving, poor maintenance or other negligent behavior.

Source: USA TODAY, “Dozens hurt in casino bus accident on L.A. freeway,” Doug Stanglin, Aug. 22, 2013