Suffering a spinal cord injury in an auto accident may change your life forever. Broken bones eventually heal and back or neck pain can be managed, but paralysis can be permanent. Because of some other driver’s negligence, you might never walk again.

That is the situation a father of two children is facing. He and his family were driving in another state when an 18-wheeler struck their car head-on. The man’s wife died in the car accident. He survived but was paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury.

Before he can go home, his house must be repaired and adapted to accommodate his wheelchair. For example, the front door needs to be fitted with a ramp and deck so he will be able to get in and out. The door itself may need to be replaced. One relative estimated that it could cost up to $11,000 to make the necessary changes.

Volunteers have pitched in, but once the house is adapted the man will have to provide for his children. His line of work is not clear, but an article about the accident says that the family currently has no source of income. Of course, there are several jobs that paraplegics can do, but the man may need retraining to qualify for one of those positions.

The article also does not mention if the truck driver was found to be negligently responsible for the accident. If so, the driver, his or her employer or both could be found financially liable for the man’s injuries and his wife’s death.

Source: WSET-TV, “Renovationa Begin on the Rustburg Home of Paralyzed Father,” James Gherardi, Aug. 1, 2013