The father of a young man who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a car in 2012 says that not knowing how much his son will be able to recover it one of the hardest parts of dealing with the incident. As the father said, nobody knows if his son will get better within a few months, or will never again be able to take care of himself.

His experience is likely similar that of many loved ones of TBI sufferers. While many are able to regain all or most of their functioning within a relatively short time, others are permanently disabled, perhaps by a negligent driver. And it can be years before doctors can tell if recovery has permanently plateaued. So victims like this man and his family must keep working on rehabilitation and see what happens.

The man was walking down the street near his university when he was struck by a drunk driver. He suffered a severe brain injury that left him unable to walk, talk except for “yes” and “no,” eat or perform many also basic functions. He has spent months living at a rehabilitation facility, and has not been home for more than a year.

Hopefully, this man will be able to regain much of his independence and move on with his life. But in many cases, TBI victims suffer permanent disability. In those cases, it may be the responsibility of the negligent driver who caused the brain trauma to pay for his or her medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “North Strabane man who suffered brain injury fighting ‘uphill battle’,” Megan Guza, Oct. 23, 2013