A terrible car accident that caused the deaths of at least five members of the same family may have been caused by a distracted driver. Though authorities are not saying for sure, witnesses to this wreck say that one of the drivers was talking on his cellphone seconds before his vehicle crashed into a pickup truck in Central California on Oct. 22.

The pickup truck contained at least six people: two adults and four children. The Mexican Consulate told reporters that they were a family originally from Mexico. The adults were in their 30s and the wife was seven months pregnant. Both of them were killed in the car accident.

Two of their sons, 12 and 7, also died, as did their 5-year-old daughter. Another son, 9, survived but was in critical condition as of the day after the accident. All of the children attended school in Lodi, where the crash occurred.

The other driver was allegedly seen swerving through traffic shortly before the collision. One witness said he saw the SUV hit several vehicles before taking off. When the witness saw a cloud of dust appear, he called 911. He reached the accident scene. It is not clear which witness allegedly saw the SUV driver talking on the phone.

The police are investigating whether he broke the law and caused this horrific incident. If he did, he could spend a long time in prison. He could also be the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit, if the victims’ survivors decide to seek financial damages.

Source: USA TODAY, “Police: Car crash killed pregnant woman, man, 3 kids,” Oct. 23, 2013