A passenger injured when an SUV crashed has filed a lawsuit against the family of the teenage driver.  What was unusual concerning this accident was the number of individuals inside of the vehicle when the accident occurred.  It was reported that the SUV contained 16 teenagers when the vehicle crashed.

There are a number of California rules concerning individuals under the age of 18 driving vehicles.  The driver cannot have passengers under the age of 20 unless someone accompanying the driver is more than 25-years-old.  Teenagers can also not operate vehicles between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Unfortunately, many parents do not understand the rules of these provisional driver’s licenses that are granted to teenage drivers. The Department of Motor Vehicles does have on hand a parent-teen handbook that provides information concerning these rules.

“The reason there are provisional licenses is because teenagers take more risks than adults,” said one California law enforcement officer. Teenage drivers need time to develop their driving skills. Also, having other teenage friends inside of the car can lead to a variety of distractions.

Though it’s not entirely clear at what time the accident occurred, it was described as having happened late at night on October 26th. The accident resulted in five teenagers being taken to the hospital.

As auto accident attorneys, we understand that most such incidents are preventable. Though we have not been provided enough information concerning the merits of the above mentioned lawsuit, a thorough investigation as to what occurred needs to take place. We need to take the problem seriously because these accidents are one of the chief causes for injuries nationwide.

Source: NBC San Diego, “La Jolla Teen Accident Raises Question about Licenses,” Todd Strain and Christina London, Nov. 21, 2013