A driver trying to avoid getting pulled over by police in the Los Angeles area ended up causing deaths of herself and three others, police say. The driver is suspected of causing a fiery, violent car accident early in the morning of Dec. 14.

Sheriff’s deputies report that they observed a car driving recklessly shortly before 12:30 a.m. on a Compton street. The deputies pursued the car and tried to pull it over, but the driver allegedly sped away, leading to a high-speed chase. 

The car reached an intersection with a red light, but did not stop for the light. A second car going crossways entered the intersection as the suspect’s car sped in.

The cars crashed. The suspect’s car left the ground, burst into flames and flipped over mid-air. It came to a rest in the front yard of a nearby house.

Besides the suspect herself, there were two passengers inside her car. All three died in the car accident, as did the driver of the other car, despite deputies’ efforts to save them.

There is rarely a good excuse to drive at excessive speeds. Fleeing the police at night is not one of them. As the investigation into this tragedy commences, authorities are probably going to want to know whether the driver of the first car was indeed speeding, ran the red light or otherwise drove recklessly. If so, she could be found to be at fault.

The fact that she is deceased may not preclude the families of the other victims from seeking compensation from her estate in civil court.

Source: KCBS-TV, “4 Killed When Police Chase Ends In Fiery Crash,” Dec. 14, 2013