Sadly, we may not be safe from drunk driving even when we are home in bed. A Mission Viejo man was killed late in December when a car driven by a suspected drunk driver crashed into his house.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a car travelling on the streets in front of the house failed to maintain the road properly. It was attempting a right turn, but appears to have turned short of the intersection. The car ended up pointed right at the victim’s house, but continued straight ahead for 30 feet, until it had crashed through the wall of the victim’s bedroom, located near the front door.

It was the middle of the night, and the victim was likely asleep when the car accident occurred. He died of his injuries. Another person in the house was not injured. Neither was a passenger in the vehicle.

The driver’s physical status was not mentioned. Police arrested him on suspicion of DUI. Given the death of one of the people in the house, it is likely that the driver will face more serious charges soon.

If he or she was indeed under the influence, his or her judgment and senses were likely impaired. This could explain how he or she failed to wait until the intersection to turn, and why he or she kept going at full speed over the curb and into the house.

Police believe that speed was also a factor. Excessive speed and driving drunk are both evidence of negligent driving. A negligent driver should not be allowed to get away with causing his or her victim physical and emotional harm.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Driver arrested after car crashes into house, killing man in bed,” Howard Blume, Dec. 29, 2013