Besides being slow-moving at times, highways in Los Angeles are known for allowing motorcycles to ride between the lanes. Other drivers are expected to be aware of this, and watch out for bikers when they change lanes. A terrible motorcycle accident can result if a car or truck driver is not alert.

Former pro basketball player Robert Horry was involved in a collision with a motorcycle on the Glenn Anderson Freeway on Jan. 15 that sent the rider to the hospital. Though Horry was not arrested at the scene, the California Highway Patrol was investigating.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Horry was driving eastbound on the Glenn Anderson, also known as the 105, early in the evening. He was in the No. 1 one lane, next to the High Occupancy Vehicle lane. The lanes are separated by a pair of yellow lines. A motorcycle ridden by a 44-year-old man was going between the yellow lane separators.

As the biker approached from behind, Horry attempted to change lanes, but struck the motorcycle.

The rider was taken to the hospital. The CHP described his injuries as “moderate,” but did not go into more detail. Horry was not injured.

Horry played for the Los Angeles Lakers for more than six seasons during a 17-year career. His residence is in Texas, so it is not clear what he was doing in L.A.

As more details of this crash emerge, it could become clear that Horry drove negligently and caused the motorcyclist’s injuries. If so, the rider would likely decide to seek a personal injury claim against the ex-Laker.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Former Lakers star Robert Horry in 105 Freeway crash with Long Beach motorcyclist,” Jan. 15, 2014