A Los Angeles-area woman could serve life in prison after being convicted of causing the death of a 31-year-old man with her car in 2012. The jury was convinced that she struck a pedestrian with her car while driving drunk, and continuing for two miles while he was stuck in her windshield.

According to evidence presented at trial, which concluded on Feb. 4, the fatal accident took place in November 2012. The woman was working late that day. It was nighttime when she left the addiction counseling center where she worked. It is ironic that the woman was an addiction counselor; she admitted drinking three servings of vodka and a beer-tomato juice cocktail that night.

She was driving in Torrance when she hit the victim. The San Luis Abispo Tribune has few details of the accident, but said that the victim went through the windshield on the passenger side. His shoes and pants flew off due to the impact.

The defendant’s attorney admitted that her client did not stop her car on impact. She said the defendant panicked, and kept driving until other motorists surrounded her vehicle at a traffic light two miles away.

The news article does not mention if the victim’s family was pursuing a wrongful death claim against the defendant. They reportedly packed the courtroom to hear the verdict in the criminal trial.

The victim may have been married, or had children. By driving drunk, the defendant may have taken away a father and husband. We know for sure that there is a family that is missing a beloved member.

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune, “Woman who drove with man on car guilty of murder,” Linda Deutsch, Feb. 4, 2014