Los Angeles police believe that a local woman sacrificed her life to save her 9-year-old daughter from a semi truck on Feb. 11. The LAPD was investigating how this tragic truck accident happened, but residents said that the intersection is dangerous, and that pedestrians need more protection there than a stop sign.

According to KNBC-TV, The victim was walking her daughter to school. They were crossing the street, using the crosswalk, when a tractor-trailer bore down on them. It is believed that the mother tried to keep her daughter from being hit, causing herself to stay in the truck’s path.

Both the mother and daughter were injured, but the mother’s injuries were more serious. She died at the hospital. The daughter was treated for minor injuries. A witness said that she saw blood coming from the girl’s eye.

The intersection is T-shaped. There are no flashing lights to warn drivers of crossing pedestrians, despite the presence of two schools nearby. The Los Angeles Unified School District says that it has asked the city for at least a crossing guard. The Department of Transportation rejected the idea due to “limited resources.”

Following the pedestrian accident, the DOT released a statement expressing its condolences. It also said that the agency was “looking at increasing the resources” to possibly add a crossing guard to the intersection, or other safety improvements.

It is a shame that action to try to prevent injury in car accidents often is not taken until after someone is seriously hurt or killed.

Source: KNBC-TV, “Mother Struck, Killed by Driver While Walking With Daughter Near School,” Jonathan Lloyd, Nyree Arabian, Patrick Healy and Jason Kandel, Feb. 14, 2014