Most car accident injuries that we describe in this blog are caused by the impact of vehicles crashing together. Today’s story has a car accident, but it also has a secondary incident that harmed the drivers involved that readers may not have heard of before.

The drivers received at least 600 bee stings after getting into a car accident in the Los Angeles area on March 9. The crash disturbed a large bee hive, causing bees to swarm around the women and attack them.

Few details of the car accident were given by KCBS-TV. It happened in La Cañada Flintridge the afternoon of March 9. At least one of the vehicles crashed into a tree that contained the bee hive. Thousands of bees reportedly poured out of the hive and swarmed the women, who were apparently unable to hide in their vehicles.

One of the drivers, 51, was stung up to 500 times. She jumped into a nearby pool to evade the swarm. The other, 17, was stung more than 100 times. A sheriff’s deputy who arrived on the scene was also stung. He used a fire extinguisher to get the bees to leave the younger driver alone.

For most people, bee stings are painful. But for some people, they can be deadly. It does not appear that any of the people involved in this crash or its aftermath are allergic to bees. But if they were, they could have been at risk of dying from multiple stings.

An injury does not have to be directly caused by an auto crash for it to be tied to a driver’s negligence. If you can draw a line from the collision to whatever caused your injury, the person who caused the crash may be responsible. In personal injury law, this is known as the “chain of causation.”

Source: KCBS-TV, “2 Drivers Stung By More Than 600 Bees Following Car Crash In La Cañada Flintridge,” March 9, 2014