Auto collisions on the highway are dangerous enough when they are due to an unpreventable accident. Negligent or purposefully reckless behavior, such as road rage, puts the public at risk of serious injuries that could have been prevented. This is why negligent drivers can be held responsible for their victims’ damages in California’s civil court.

Road rage is the possible cause of a recent car accident on Interstate 8 in San Diego. The crash was caught on camera, and images from the video appear to show one of the drivers making obscene gestures and purposely crashing her truck into the other driver’s car.

The video was captured by the dashboard camera from a third vehicle on I-8, and is available for viewing on YouTube. On the video, a pickup truck is seen driving next to a car. The truck suddenly veers into the car, striking it on its side and forcing it into a guardrail. The car flipped over and landed on the shoulder.

The car driver, a 21-year-old woman, suffered a back injury. The truck driver, 33, sustained minor injuries.

Witnesses later said that the pickup driver was seen accelerating up to the car and making obscene gestures with both hands shortly before the accident. This, combined with the video, suggests that the older driver may have caused the wreck while under the influence of road rage. The California Highway Patrol is investigating, and the driver may face criminal charges.

Drivers who feel tempted to get “revenge” on someone who cuts them off or otherwise offends them on the road should remember that the consequences could be even worse than what happened here.

Source: WPTV-TV, “Possible road rage crash in I-8 captured on video,” Melissa Mecija, May 13, 2014