We do not often talk about mechanical failure being the cause of car crashes in this blog. However, sometimes a terrible wreck is not due to a negligent driver, but something suddenly going wrong in his or her vehicle.

It may not be important to victims and their loved ones what caused the car accident, at least at first. They are probably more focused on the victim healing from their injuries, or possibly adjusting to a future involving disability and reduced quality of life — if the victim survives.

However, at some point it likely becomes time to ask who, if anybody, is to blame for the crash. If mechanical problems are the reason for a car accident, a personal injury suit is a way to obtain justice against the person or company responsible.

Locally, three Los Angeles girls were hit by a car while walking to school earlier in June. One of the girls was in critical condition and on life support as of June 5.

The girls attend a private school in North Hollywood. They were returning to school from a physical education class, which required them to cross two freeway off ramps.

An out-of-control car ran a red light at one of the off ramps and struck the girls. The man later said that the brakes failed in his car, so that he could not avoid going through the light.

More investigation will be necessary to get to the bottom of this unfortunate accident. If the driver knew or reasonably should have known that his brakes were about to go, he might be liable for the girls’ injuries. On the other hand, the failure could have been due to a manufacturing defect, or substandard work by a mechanic.

Source: KNBC-TV, “School Stunned After Girls Injured in Car Crash,” Kim Baldonado and Kelly Goff, June 5, 2014