Pedestrian laws exist to help protect us from harm when we cross the street or otherwise walk near traffic. However, obeying those rules is not a guarantee of safety. Motorists whose conduct falls below the standard of care they owe the public can easily put pedestrians in harm’s way, with potentially tragic results.

In a recent example, a truck driver who allegedly ran a red light in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles struck three pedestrians, killing one of them and critically injuring the other two.

The accident happened the morning of July 28. Police believe that the truck crashed into a car, apparently while trying to enter the intersection against the light. The truck careened into the northeast corner of the intersection, where a 45-year-old man was waiting for the bus.

The man was killed. Tragically, he normally took an earlier bus, but was running late that day. Two other pedestrians were also struck, and were in critical condition as of the day of the car accident.

The truck driver ran away from the scene, which also involved a collision with a third vehicle. He did not appear to be in custody as of later that same day. If he is caught, the man will likely face serious criminal charges for causing the deadly incident and hit-and-run.

Nobody expects to be hit by a car while standing at a bus stop. Unfortunately, it can take just one negligent driver to make a pedestrian crash like this one a reality.

Source: KABC-TV, “1 pedestrian killed, 2 hurt in Koreatown; driver sought,” Sid Garcia, July 28, 2014