Even when a motorcycle rider wears a helmet and all the rest of the protective gear that experts recommend, they are vulnerable to serious injury from a collision with a larger vehicle. Just about any part of the human can and has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles at some point.

Of all the injuries that riders experience, perhaps the most serious type is injury to the spine. Spinal cord injuries can cause long-term disabilities ranging from back pain to paralysis, which we discussed in some detail in our Aug. 19 blog post.

A disc injury, such as a herniated or bulging disc, can be quite serious, as can nerve damage. To reduce the pain or regain limited range of motion, the victim may need to undergo physical therapy, see a chiropractor or take epidural injections. They may even need surgery.

These treatments can quickly become expensive, just at the time the victim is sidelined from working. Many jobs, even ones that do not involve a lot of physical labor, may become too difficult.

Many of these collisions occur because a car or truck driver acted recklessly on the road. Unfortunately, too many motorists continue to fail to respect motorcycles’ right to the road. They may have railed to yield while turning left, or not look carefully enough before changing lanes.

These failures to exercise due care often have terrible consequences for responsible riders. The law allows injured riders to hold negligent motorists financially responsible for the injuries they caused.