There are many laws that dictate how Los Angeles drivers should act on our roadways. These are put in place to keep everyone on and around the road safe. Readers can easily list off the most commonly known laws related to speeding, seat belt use and obeying traffic signs, but they may not be aware of a multitude of other laws that work to keep us safe.

For example, most states have outdoor signage rules. These are put in place so that outdoor advertisements do not pose a risk to drivers by distracting them from their driving duties. A recent incident that happened in another country is a shining example of why these types of rules are necessary.

Recently in Moscow, Russia, more than 500 car accidents happened as a result of one thing: a large advertisement on the side of a truck. In this case, 30 of these advertisement trucks hit the streets of Moscow to promote the effectiveness of this kind of truck-side advertising. What did drivers see on the trucks as they passed by? They saw a large photo of a nude woman cupping her breasts with her hands. As can be expected, the ad got a lot of attention. So much so that it reportedly led to 517 car accidents in one day.

In this situation, the ad company seems to be taking responsibility for what happened, as they have offered to compensate drivers for any expenses resulting from the crashes that are not covered by insurance. This is definitely an interesting case of distracted driving and it begs the question: Who is really to blame here?

Source:, “See the Truck-Side Ad That Caused 500 Car Accidents in Moscow in One Day,” Alfred Maskeroni, Oct. 16, 2014