The road is not the only place where victims can get hurt by a motor vehicle. Crashes sometimes happen in parking lots, on sidewalks — and even inside buildings, on occasion.

Any time a driver causes a wreck, there is a good chance someone else gets injured. This is certainly the case when people are inside a public building, such as a business. No one inside is likely expecting or prepared for the possibility of a car or truck suddenly crashing through the wall.

A particularly awful example of this sort of car accident happened in the Los Angeles area earlier in October. A man was killed and three others were injured when a vehicle drove into the donut shop they were patronizing.

Six customers were inside Jolly Donut in Canoga Park that Saturday night. Security footage captured images of an SUV driven by a 42-year-old woman plowing through the wall and entering the shop. The large vehicle left a path of destruction in its wake that the shop owner compared to a bomb going off.

The man who suffered the worst damage was a man the owner described as a transient and a regular at the donut shop. The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Three others inside the shop were injured.

Driver error may be to blame for this tragedy. Police say that the driver might have mixed up her brake and her gas pedal. But the Jolly Donut owner suspects the woman intentionally rammed his store, for some reason.

Source: KCAL-TV, “Owner, Patrons Of Donut Shop Question Whether Deadly Car Crash Was An Accident,” Oct. 5, 2014