Recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be a slow, frustrating process. Though medical intervention and therapy can make a difference, there is much that remains mysterious about how the brain heals.

Some victims are eventually able to go on with their lives more or less as they did before their injury. Others never fully regain significant cognitive function, or must deal with headaches, light sensitivity and other common symptoms for years afterward.

As a result, life and career must be put on hold. This appears to be where actor and comedian Tracy Morgan’s life is currently at, five months after his tour bus was struck by an 18-wheeler in a major collision. According to ABC News, his attorney says that Morgan sustained a TBI in the crash and has not recovered. He may never again be “the Tracy Morgan he once was.”

According to the attorney, Morgan has been fighting to improve ever since the accident, in which he also broke his nose, leg and ribs. He spent several weeks in the hospital and is now out, but is still suffering his brain injury’s effects.

The attorney’s comments came the same day as a court date in Morgan’s lawsuit against Walmart, the truck driver’s employer. The driver, who is not a party to the personal injury suit, faces several criminal charges, and has pleaded not guilty. Walmart has denied responsibility for the accident through its driver, who allegedly was driving while fatigued and speeding at the time of the crash.

When a person suffers a brain injury because someone else acted with less than reasonable care for the victim’s well-being, the second party may be financially responsible for their victim’s damages. A personal injury attorney can provide more information.