California’s criminal justice system has many functions. One of them is to try to prevent dangerous people from harming others. The system is not perfect, and sometimes people with a record of putting the public in danger continue to do so, until innocent people get hurt.

Recently, a car accident in the Los Angeles area injured 13 people, including a woman who suffered a serious head injury. Police say the driver was intoxicated and has a criminal history that includes DUI, hit and run and driving without a valid license.

The victims had gathered the evening of Dec. 14 to look at Christmas decorations in Alhambra. According to police, the suspect, a 28-year-old man, made a sudden left turn and crashed his truck into a van, and the impact sent the van over the curb and into the pedestrians.

Out of the 13 hit by the van, 11 were taken to the hospital. The youngest victim is 7 years old. Besides the woman with the head injury, KNBC-TV does not provide details about the severity of their injuries.

The station looked into the suspect’s court records, which reveal several driving-related convictions in 2013. In February of that year, the court convicted him of driving with a suspended license and DUI. That November, he was back in court, convicted of another DUI and hit and run. When he declined a chemical test, a judge revoked his license.

This time, the suspect is facing a felony DUI charge, and was in jail on $130,000 bail as of Dec. 15.

When a drunk driver slips through the cracks and gets into a car accident, he or she can be made to pay for the costs of any injuries he or she caused to others.