New Year’s Eve is a big night for drinking and driving, as party-goers try to drive themselves home, despite being over the legal limit. More responsible people will arrange for a designated driver, or plan to take a cab home.

But if the night takes you to an unfamiliar location, how can you direct a taxi or friend to where to go to pick you up? The government says it has a solution for everyone with a smartphone.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, recently announced that it has released an app called “Let’s Get You Home” that it hopes will prevent a lot of DUI car accidents this holiday season. The app, which is free, is designed to be user-friendly when the user is intoxicated.

Its main screen has three big red buttons. The buttons let you call a taxi, call a friend and ask “where am I?” This latter button activates a GPS feature that tells you your location, so you can tell the person picking you where to find you.

Using this app, or otherwise planning ahead, can reduce your risk of getting into a car accident tonight. But you cannot control what others on the road had to drink earlier. Even when you take precautions, a drunk driver can hit you, causing serious injury to yourself and anyone else in your vehicle.

Unfortunately, many drunk driving crashes in Los Angeles end in a fatality. NHTSA said there were more than 10,000 deaths in DUI accidents in 2013.