Not long ago, we discussed how Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the country. Readers can check out that blog post here. Today, we have a sad example of the deadly effects of a pedestrian accident from the just-completed holiday season.

A group of people had just attended a Christmas pageant at a church in Redondo Beach when they were hit by a car at an intersection of Pacific Coast Highway. Three women were killed. The husband and three children of one of the deceased were hospitalized, including one boy who was in a coma as of Dec. 18.

Authorities identified the driver as a 56-year-old woman. They accuse her of running a red light before the accident. Friends of the driver said she has a long-term disability and rarely drives, though her vehicle has been adapted to her condition. They believe that her medication may have played a role in this terrible incident.

Police arrested the woman and she was being held on $300,000 bail as of Dec. 18.

Most pedestrians know to cross only with the light, and to look both ways before entering the street. Still, regular precautions like these cannot prevent a driver from violating traffic laws or simply being dangerously negligent.

Needless to say, a careless motorist can cause serious harm to the human body. Someone who has become disabled in a pedestrian accident, or has lost a loved one to such a crash, may feel alone, but a personal injury attorney can help them pursue justice.