New Years Eve is behind us, and it may seem like holidays associated with drinking and driving are over for awhile. But yet another drinking holiday is coming up this Sunday.

Yes, it is almost time for the Super Bowl. Attending a party for the NFL championship is so ubiquitous that Super Bowl Sunday has become a de facto American holiday. And drinking in front of the television is one of the Super Bowl’s most common rituals.

When the party is over, responsible football fans know to use a designated driver, or call a cab instead of driving drunk. Unfortunately, too many people try to get away with driving drunk, putting themselves and the public in danger.

Drunk driving affects Los Angeles every day, but the practice spikes the day of the Super Bowl. The L.A. Times reports that car accidents involving a drunk driver jumps 57 percent on Super Bowl Sunday. In San Diego, DUI crashes go up 117 percent — more than twice as usual.

Victims often cannot walk away from the crash when they are hit by a drunk driver. In California, there were a total of 294 fatalities and significant injuries on Super Bowl Sunday from 2009 through 2013. Seventy-seven of those occurred in Los Angeles County. By comparison, there were 166 deaths and injuries in “comparable” Sundays in the state, to use the Times’ term, and 49 in L.A. County in those years.

We sincerely hope none of our readers get hit by a drunk driver, or have a family member hurt in a DUI accident. But if you do, you may be able to be compensated for your damages by the driver.