One thing that can lead to car accidents is when drivers fail to obey the rules of the road. One of the things states and municipalities often do to try to prevent drivers from engaging in conduct which breaks traffic safety rules is put out road signs informing and reminding drivers of these rules.

Of course, for such signs to have a traffic safety impact, drivers have to actually be paying attention to them. One concern some have is that many drivers may be visually tuning out traditional traffic safety signs and thus not letting the message of such signs sink in. These sorts of concerns have led one city here in California to try spicing up its traffic safety signs. 

The city is Hayward. The city has recently put up some new traffic safety signs that aren’t what one usually sees. How are the new signs different? They are different because they have something of a snarky tone to them. For example, “It’s a speed limit, not a suggestion” is the message contained on one of these new signs. 

The city hopes that having the new signs be a little snarky will make drivers more likely to notice them and thus more likely to take the core safety messages they are trying to convey to heart.

What do you think about this new approach to traffic safety signs Hayward is taking? Could snarky road signs help traffic safety reminders better get across to drivers? Could this approach help reduce collisions out on the roads? Should other California cities consider using out-of the-ordinary traffic safety signs? Do a lot of traditional traffic safety signs escape the notice of drivers?

Source: CBS News, “Snarky California road signs aim to change behavior,” Feb. 12, 2015