Last month, we shared the tragic story of two siblings who were killed after they were hit by a car going the wrong way on the Pacific Coast Highway. Police suspected the wrong-way vehicle was participating in a street race with a pickup truck.

Despite the grave dangers illegal drag races pose to the public, people in Los Angeles continue to support this activity. Street races have apparently broken through to the mainstream, complete with a reality show on Discovery Channel called “Street Outlaws.”

Before glorifying races on public streets instead of on the racetrack, fans should remember the consequences when one of these races goes wrong. Police say that street racing is behind yet another fatal crash, this time in Chatsworth. Two people were killed, and police have arrested two people in connection with this deadly incident.

According to KCBS-TV, a crowd of at least 60 people showed up to watch a race between a modified Ford Mustang and another vehicle early on March 5. The driver of the Mustang somehow lost control and went into the crowd, killing two people.

The men arrested in connection with this accident include Israel Valenzuela, the owner of an auto performance shop who has appeared on “Street Outlaws” as a driver. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office does not believe that Valenzuela or the other arrested man was driving the Mustang, however.

A party need not be the driver in a car crash to be responsible for it. In this context, it is possible that authorities believe the suspects made the car too unsafe to be used on the road.