You are driving on a California highway late one night when you come upon the following scene: a car that has just been hit is completely destroyed. Nearby is a truck, lying crumpled on its side. From the angle it is lying at, it appears the truck had been driving the wrong way.

That is what an eyewitness encountered on State Route 163 in San Diego recently. Tragically, the accident cost the lives of two people. It appears the pickup truck driver was intoxicated, a common cause of wrong-way car crashes. Often, a drunk driver becomes confused while trying to get on the highway, and ends up entering through an exit ramp.

According to a news report, the accident took place around 1:30 a.m. on May 16. The California Highway Patrol believes the truck driver was flashing his hazard lights while driving on the wrong side of the highway, possibly suggesting he was aware of what he was doing.

But the hazards were not enough to warn the driver of an approaching car. The violent impact tore the front off the car. More importantly, it killed two of the five people inside. One person was thrown from the car and was found lying on the ground. At least one person who survived was trapped inside the car, while the truck driver was also trapped in his vehicle.

Firefighters were able to pry open both vehicles and rescue the trapped, who were taken to the hospital. Their current condition is not clear.