It can take only seconds for a promising young life to be taken away by a drunk driver. It appears that is what happened to a 19-year-old Los Angeles college student earlier this month.

According to KTLA-TV, the woman, a student at California State University Northridge, was involved in a crash in that area early in the morning of June 21. The collision injured four people, including the deceased woman and both drivers. The Los Angeles Police Department later described one of the drivers as a person of interest. Witnesses said that police picked up several beer cans from the scene.

A father of one of the survivors said his daughter was laughing and talking with the deceased. The next thing the surviving woman knew, they had been in an accident.

It is not clear from the KTLA article which car the deceased was in. The car the suspect was driving crashed into the driver’s side door of the other car. The suspect was later in stable condition, while a passenger in his car was not expected to survive.

Later, memorials for the deceased appeared at the accident scene, as well as on her Facebook page. They described the student as kind and intelligent, and said she should have had a bright future.

Few drunk drivers consider the possible consequences of their actions before they turn on the engine. They are not only putting themselves in danger; everyone else on the road are potential victims. Nobody deserves to die at the hands of a drunk driver, but it is especially tragic when a young person dies when they did not have to.