Not every auto collision happens on the road. A particularly reckless or negligent driver can veer off the street and crash into nearby buildings — where unsuspecting people are inside. Unable to see the vehicle coming, people inside a home, store or place of business may have no chance to try to get out of the way in time.

A Los Angeles man is lucky to be unhurt after a suspected drunk driver crashed into his house on July 23. The suspect’s car plowed into the man’s living room that morning. Fortunately, the homeowner was in his kitchen, making coffee, when the crash occurred.

The man told KNBC-TV that he suddenly heard a loud noise. Thinking there had been a car accident on the street, he left the kitchen to take a look, only to find a car in his living room and debris all over the lawn.

He saw the suspect slumped over the wheel. Neighbors arrived and pulled him out of the car. First responders took the suspect, a 27-year-old man, to the hospital, where he was found not to have sustained any injuries. Police arrested him on a misdemeanor DUI charge.

It is very fortunate that nobody was injured. But a house has been badly damaged; the cost of repairing the wall may not yet be known.

We have discussed before in this blog how drinking affects your ability to drive safely. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that drinking and driving will be going away anytime soon. Victims of drunk drivers may wish to speak to an attorney about help getting compensation.