Given that we’re squarely in the middle of summer, it might reasonably be time to address a topic that is particularly germane this time of year and that generally garners a lot of thought and attention from parents and other guardians of kids.

That topic is this: the safety of children as they revel in the expanded amount of freedom that summer offers.

There’s no question about it: Summertime is a mesmerizing period for most kids. Amusement parks are open, organized sports activities are ramped up, swimming pools beckon, sidewalks demand the attention of skateboarders and bikers, trees need to climbed, and playgrounds present nearly limitless opportunities for fun.

That is the upside.

Given the pure abandon with which kids attack seasonal opportunities, though, a downside also lurks. With summer activities, it is centrally marked by a danger potential that comes from the unbridled passion children bring to their fun as they leap, twist, jump and dive from activity to activity.

As noted by one doctor and director of pediatric medicine and rehabilitation, summer poses outsized risks of spinal cord injuries and brain trauma for adolescents. It is hardly surprising, she says, that “the rate of accidents increases as the weather gets warmer.”

At the Los Angeles law firm of Scot J. Corwin, we well note the doctor’s comments, with a statement on a relevant page of our website that people “can sustain serious injuries to their spinal cord in many types of accidents” impliedly acknowledging the close oversight and supervision required of young children as they play throughout the summer months.

It is imperative that children be adequately watched and taught how to be safe as they joyfully interact with all that summer has to offer.

After all, they are our most precious resource.