As regular followers of our blog will tell you, we often like to raise discussions about issues we think are applicable to our Los Angeles readers. From the dangers of drunk driving to the benefits of self-driving vehicles, there is hardly a subject we haven’t touched on that hasn’t led us to consider another issue along those same lines.

Take for example our discussion a few weeks ago about the push by the city of Los Angeles to add a bike lane along Westwood Boulevard, a busy street here in our city that accommodates high volumes of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. As you can imagine, the addition of this lane could make conditions much safer for bicyclists by reducing the likelihood of an accident. But there is another benefit this lane provides: a reduced chance of developing an attention issue. Let’s take a look.

As Reuters reports this month, researchers believe that there is a link between traumatic brain injuries and attention issues. They say that children who have suffered a TBI are more likely to have lapses in attention and develop other cognitive issues than those who have not suffered injury to the brain. This research coincides with other studies that have noted the same cognitive issues in adults as well.

The reason we’d like our Los Angeles readers to consider this study is because of the long-term affects a brain injury can have on an individual and the fact that bicycle accidents can result in brain injuries in some cases. If the city is able to pass Mobility Plan 2035, it would not only be providing a safe avenue for bicyclists, it could help prevent a number of accidents as well. In addition, by preventing accidents, the city would be preventing possible TBIs that could lead to attention issues and other problems for victims down the road.