Many readers of our motor vehicle accident and personal injury blog are likely to be avid information seekers who widely scan multiple news outlets for stories and topical updates on traffic-related risks and outcomes.

For news junkies in Southern California, that desire to be informed unquestionably results in a great deal of knowledge gleaned regarding traffic safety, police agencies’ enforcement campaigns, legislative initiatives concerning things like infrastructure upgrades and commercial vehicle regulation, and related matters.

Much emphasis is placed, of course, on roadway risks and safety-promoting measures involving big-rig trucks and smaller passenger vehicles, and understandably so. The environs that centrally make up and surround Southern California are marked by some of the most dense and frenetic traffic flow on earth. Motor vehicle crashes and resulting injuries and fatalities pose a constant and outsized risk to drivers across the region.

Traffic-related risks also confront pedestrians in a big way, too, though, with that fact sometimes seeming to be a bit obscured by news regarding freeway crashes and multi-vehicle accidents.

As we note on the Pedestrian Accident page of our website at the Los Angeles law firm of Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, “a pedestrian is killed approximately every two hours and injured every nine minutes in traffic accidents.” Although that figure — supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — applies to pedestrian-related outcomes nationally, its ready extrapolation to California accident victims quickly underscores just how material the risk are for walkers in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Our firm provides diligent and client-empathetic legal assistance to pedestrians who are injured through motorists’ negligence, with our focus being on the unwavering pursuit of outcomes that fully promote accident victims’ best interests.

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