Insurance companies have an intimate grasp on all the following injuries, routinely conjuring up defenses geared toward eliminating their legal obligations to compensate victims.

Fortunately for the latter, experienced personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with insurers’ payment-avoidance strategies and can advocate aggressively on behalf of an accident victim to help ensure that he or she secures a meaningful recovery in response to third-party negligence.

The aforementioned injuries that can occur in a motor vehicle accident encompass a truly wide universe, as noted by an online overview.

And that is certainly not surprising, as evidenced by accident-related statistics that are flatly sobering. Reportedly, more than 5.6 million car crashes occurred across the United States in a recent year. Although surrounding steel and other protective vehicle materials obviously go far toward keeping drivers and passengers safe in many instances, they fail to do so in a depressingly high number of crash outcomes.

Here’s food for thought: More than 30,000 people were cited as fatal accident victims nationally in 2012, with more than 1.6 million others suffering various non-fatal injuries.

Those injuries run the gamut from traumatic brain trauma and spinal cord complications to neck/chest injuries and post-accident psychological distress.

In many instances, a third party’s negligence is the direct cause of or a central contributor to accident-related injuries.

When that is the case, no accident victim should be reticent about exploring a money recovery for injuries sustained. Post-accident costs can be staggeringly high, owing to required medical care, lost wages through down time at work, property damage, stress-related counseling and additional factors.

A proven plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney can provide relevant information and diligent representation in any motor vehicle accident case featuring third-party negligence.